Keep Your Office Clean and Fresh This Spring

Spring is a time of renewal and when we get to finally say goodbye to winter and slush season. It’s also the perfect time to give your office a refreshing spring clean to improve appearances, boost morale and maintain the health and safety of your workplace. Welcome this vibrant new season with these spring cleaning tips from the experts at ServiceMaster Clean.

Take a Good Look Around Before beginning spring cleaning, it’s a good idea to first pinpoint any major problem areas. Ask a member of your commercial cleaning team to join you. Trusted experts can help point out issues you may not notice, and how to best address them. For example, after a long winter, excess moisture and salt tracked inside from the street could have damaged floor surfaces. Your commercial cleaning professionals can advise you on the best plan of action.

Make It a Team Effort Consider having a special office Spring Cleaning Day or party to make the task a collective effort, build team spirit and allow you to gather feedback and suggestions from your staff on how to improve office cleanliness and organization throughout the year. As an added bonus, studies show that having a clean working environment boosts employee productivity!

De-clutter Cluttered offices are much more difficult to clean. Because commercial cleaners are often instructed to not move items on desks or personal items in order to dust and clean, it can mean these areas are never properly cleaned. To address office clutter while spring cleaning, bring in large garbage and recycling bins and have your staff work together to de-clutter the office. Once surfaces and floors are de-cluttered, cleaning staff can do a much more thorough office cleaning.

Clean Out the Refrigerator Most employees store their lunch in the office refrigerator, and it can become cluttered and rarely or never cleaned. Start this spring by notifying everyone in the office that the cleaning staff will be cleaning out the refrigerator on a particular day. Anything that should be kept, should be marked before the clean-up starts. Your commercial cleaners can then give the refrigerator a good cleaning and sanitizing. A weekly fridge clean out is recommended to keep it hygienic and fresh.

Clean and Sanitize High-Touch Surfaces Germs thrive on surfaces that are most often touched, so any high-touch surfaces in the office, such as telephones, keyboards, desk surfaces and elevator buttons, should be cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis. In spring, however, after the long cold & flu season, special effort should be made to deep clean and disinfect these areas. Also consider scheduling professional commercial cleaning and sanitizing for workstations, task chairs and fabric dividers, to remove grime and bacteria build-up, as well as prolong the lifespan of these furnishings.

Floor and Carpet Cleaning Since winter often takes its heaviest toll on flooring, it's important to have your carpets, hardwood, tile, and concrete floors deep cleaned on at least an annual basis. A full restorative carpet cleaning should take place at least once a year to remove the accumulation of soil build up in higher traffic areas and to prolong the lifespan of your carpet investment. Working with a professional commercial specialty cleaning team can often be the most convenient and efficient method of deep cleaning a commercial property's floors and carpets.

Air Vent Cleaning & Air Conditioning Testing Air vent cleaning can help to improve indoor air quality, so it’s good practice to clean all air vents in your office annually and change out all the air filters regularly. And, while spring may seem too early to turn on the air conditioning, it is a good idea to test these systems well in advance of when you will need them. Since cooling systems often go unused all winter, they are susceptible to dust and dirt buildup, which can lead to lower efficiency, unpleasant smells, increased allergens or unit failure. Once the summer heat arrives, a faulty A/C unit is the last thing your office needs.

This Spring consider scheduling a more enhanced commercial cleaning program to maintain your office cleanliness into the upcoming seasons. Contact the experts at ServiceMaster Clean to keep your offices clean and healthy year-round, on a schedule and budget that works for you.