Owners and managers of retail stores know that maintaining a clean and inviting environment is critical to gaining customer confidence and providing a comfortable and enjoyable in-store shopping experience. The increase in public awareness and vigilance for health and safety concerns also makes your store’s cleanliness a significant driver for retaining customer loyalty and attracting return business.

Routine cleaning and maintenance are essential when operating a public-facing storefront. The escalation of online shopping options motivates ‘bricks-and-mortar’ stores to try even harder to provide optimal in-person, retail experiences for customers. From displays and shelving to light fixtures, floors and carpeting, shoppers expect all areas of your storefront to be organized, clean and dust-free, allowing for easy and comfortable browsing.

Daily cleaning of retail spaces should include sanitizing high-touch areas such as door handles, countertops and other areas used often by multiple people throughout the day. Entrance areas, dressing rooms and checkout locations also need to be kept vacuumed, dusted and tidy to ensure the entire store looks presentable and organized at all times.

In addition to daily cleaning and sanitizing, however, it is recommended to conduct a deep cleaning of your retail store on a seasonal or monthly basis, to give it that extra special shine that customers take note of and appreciate. Nothing prevents return business more than a shopper seeing grime, dust build-up or dirt on your store premises.


When it comes to retail store deep cleaning, there are areas that should be focussed on that are not always fully attended to during regular cleaning and maintenance routines. The commercial cleaning experts for retail stores at ServiceMaster Clean suggest you review the following information to help you determine the options for deep cleaning most suitable for enhancing the appearance of your particular location—to keep it looking sparkling and attractive for your customers throughout the year.

Windows, Glass and Mirrors
Exterior and interior window surfaces, mirrors, glass doors and display cases require daily dusting and wiping, but after a certain amount of time, glass surfaces need to be thoroughly deep cleaned and polished to remove the buildup of grime that can cause permanent streaking and clouding. Professional commercial cleaners have the specialized equipment, cleaning products and resources to deep clean the glass and mirror surfaces in your store for a complete refresh, and to truly make them shine and sparkle.

Hard Surface Floors
Whether your retail store has tile, wood or other hard surface flooring, or a combination of floor coverings, vacuuming, sweeping or mopping dirt and debris from floors on a daily basis is a top requirement for keeping your retail store looking fresh and clean. In addition, seasonal or annual deep cleaning of all floor surfaces will make your flooring look like new again and enhance your store’s professional image. Regularly scheduled deep cleaning will also go a long way to prolong the attractiveness and life of your flooring investment for years to come.

Carpets and upholstery
Carpet and upholstery accumulate dust, pollen, mould spores and other allergens over time. Deep cleaning these materials regularly is therefore essential to reduce allergens for both staff and customers. The professional commercial cleaners for retail environments at ServiceMaster Clean have the experience and expertise to remove deeply embedded grime, dust and other allergens from your store’s carpet and upholstered materials, which in turn improves the overall indoor air quality of your establishment.

Storage and Staff Areas
Keeping the front of your store sparkling clean is crucial, but it’s also important to maintain clean and organized back areas. Storage and stock rooms, restrooms, kitchen and lounge areas for staff, hallways and exits need to also be kept clean and organized on a daily or weekly schedule to help ensure good health and safety as well as to create an attractive work environment for employees. Seasonal or annual deep cleaning of these areas is also recommended for a ‘reset’, to declutter and remove dirt and grime buildup that otherwise can be overlooked in daily cleaning routines.

Let Commercial Cleaning Experts Deep Clean Your Retail Store
The best way to keep your retail store looking its best every day is to hire professional commercial cleaners to clean and maintain your location on a regular basis. In addition, larger seasonal or annual deep cleaning projects such as deep tile and grout cleaning, hard surface floor cleaning or resurfacing, interior and exterior window cleaning, and deep cleaning of carpets, is needed to give your store that extra boost, and to keep it looking fresh and sparkling to attract new business.

Celebrating over 70 years as leaders in the commercial cleaning industry, ServiceMaster Clean’s specialized teams have the expertise, experience and resources to provide professional deep cleaning in retail environments. They will review the unique requirements of your store and provide recommendations for the most suitable seasonal or annual deep cleaning options for your specific facility and budget. Making time for deep cleaning your retail store on a seasonal or yearly basis will keep it looking attractive and inviting for both new and returning customers throughout the year.